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To start setting up IceWarp for your team, what’s your name?
You and your entire team can use IceWarp 1 month for free. And you are free to cancel anytime.
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We’re happy to serve any company from 10 to tens of thousand users. Sky is the limit.
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If yes, you need to update your DNS records to ensure correct routing. You'll get step-by-step instructions by email. Either way, we'll get you started with an auto-generated domain under our domain. And you can configure as many domains as needed.

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You will be able to create as many mailboxes as needed. Under as many domains as needed. All it takes is to keep DNS records up to date.
Your onice domain is created automatically.
Our internal onice domain is used to reach your IceWarp instance and set up your own domain with your registrar. You will receive your credentials along with DNS update instructions by email upon signup.
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This will be your individual email under the domain of your choice. Afterwards you will be able to create as many mailboxes as needed. Under as many domains as needed.
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